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Single-phase RF card meter

Smart Meter

1. Temperature class: T30 (cold water meter)

2. Pressure rating: MAP10 (0.03~1MPa)

3. Pressure loss rating:  p63

4. Applicable water quality: clean tap water without impurities

5. Communication method: NB wireless communication

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Details description


GB/T 17215-2002(IEC61036:2000,IDT)


DL/T 645-1997 Multifunctional Electric Energy Meter Communication Protocol》


Technical features


Automatically prevent electricity theft, the reverse active energy is calculated into the forward active energy: wide range, high precision, long life, no adjustment, no maintenance;

Card-type prepaid electricity, built-in high-power magnetic latching relay to control power on and off:

It has an audible and visual alarm function, and a secondary low-battery alarm prompts you to recharge and purchase electricity;

When overloaded, automatic power outage and delayed power restoration can be set:

Triple data backup, data is saved for ten years after power outage;

The large-screen LED displays the accumulated power and remaining power in a cycle, and the data can be read clearly and intuitively; one meter and one card, contact logic encryption cards and contactless cards can be selected, which are safe and reliable. Built-in M-BUS/RS-485 interface can be used for remote meter reading and control through networking; optional infrared communication interface can support on-site meter reading.



Single-phase RF card meter



Parameter description


Model description: DDSY89 single-phase electronic prepaid energy meter/DDS89 single-phase electronic energy meter

Accuracy level: A1 level

Rated voltage: 220V

Current specification: 220V / 5(20)A / 5(30)

Reference frequency: 50Hz

Power consumption: voltage loop ≤ 1W, 5VA current loop ≤ 1VA (1b)

Environmental conditions: Working temperature: -25C~+55C Extreme working temperature: -35C~+65°C

Lifespan: ≥20 years

Pulse output: Photoelectrically isolated passive output, pulse width is 80mS ±5mS

Communication protocol: DL/T645-1997, protocols in various provinces, cities and regions or formulated according to user requirements

Weight: about 0.7kg

Overall dimensions: 166X144X66mm (length X width X height)




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