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Detachable NB remote transmission remote control water meter

Small Caliber Smart Water Meter

1. Temperature grade: T30 (cold water meter)

2. Pressure rating: MAP10 (0.03~1MPa)

3. Pressure loss rating: A p63

4. Applicable water quality: clean tap water without impurities

5. Communication method: 'NB wireless communication

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Details description


The detachable NB-IOT remote transmission and remote control water meter is a smart water meter product launched after the detachable NB remote transmission water meter, and the remote transmission and remote control function is technically added. It also applies a number of self-owned technologies of Jingda Company.


The base meter is a wet water meter, and the NB-IOT intelligent remote transmission module is installed on the top to form a remote water meter. The built-in stainless steel valve can realize the function of remote transmission and remote control. The technology is stable and reliable, and the disassembly and maintenance are very convenient. It is suitable for the old meter renovation of one meter for one household, the installation of household meters for new buildings, the need for water metering and charging, and the need for closing the valve in arrears.


The after-sales management is very convenient and highly humanized. It is the preferred IoT water meter product for the water resource management department.


Technical features


The base meter conforms to the national standard of GB/T778-2007 "Drinking Cold Water Meter and Hot Water Meter"

All technical indicators are in line with the CJ/T 224-2006 "Electronic Remote Water Meter" standard

The detachable technology and built-in valve facilitate the metering, charging and management of the water charging management department.

The rotor wet-type liquid-sealed base meter is adopted, and the NB-IOT wireless intelligent control module is installed above the base meter;

The base meter and the intelligent control module can be disassembled for easy maintenance and replacement;

Wireless remote transmission, using NB wireless remote transmission technology;

The built-in battery can guarantee the normal measurement of the water meter for more than six years

Cooperate with management software to realize prepaid and postpaid functions

Data permanent storage function

This smart water meter has a built-in valve, which can realize remote control of the valve



Detachable NB remote transmission remote control water meter    Detachable NB remote transmission remote control water meter



Parameter description



Nominal diameter (mm)

Common flow (Q3) (cubic meter'n)

Mileage ratio

Maximum reading

Accuracy level




Q3/Q1=100, 80, 63,50

99999.9999 cubic meters





LXRY-25D(E/F) DN25 4.0


Installation Size(mm) D1 D2 D3 A
LXSY-15D 165 100 121 G 3/4‘’
LXSY-20D 195 100 121 G 1‘’
LXSY-25D 225 108 127 G1 1/4‘’



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