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Small-diameter smart wireless heating valve

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1. Adopt special micro-processing integrated circuit and high reliability design, built-in valve

2. Built-in high-performance lithium battery, the service life is more than 8 years.

3. The built-in valve angle of the intelligent heating valve can be adjusted, and the goal of energy saving and emission reduction can be achieved through full opening, half opening, and 1/3 opening.

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Details description


LX intelligent wireless heating valve is a high-tech charge management product independently developed by our company according to the characteristics of domestic heating charges. It is suitable for water heating systems with independent heating pipes for each household. The working principle is to in stall a smart heating valve on the heating water inlet or return water pipe of each household. After the user pays the fee, he can remotely open the valve through the "heating information service platform" software for heating.


The heating is billed according to the number of heating days and space, and no heating is not paid. , Realize the intelligent management of prepaid heat purchase. This smart wireless heating valve can choose NB-IOT wireless remote transmission type or LoRa wireless remote transmission type. The Far EasTone network is stable and reliable .


There is a built-in temperature sensor in the meter, which can automatically upload the heating temperature of the pipeline, which is convenient for managers to adjust the built-in valve switch angle of the smart wireless heating valve according to actual needs, and achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction by adjusting the heating temperature. It is an ideal heating valve tool for scientific management, intelligent wireless heating valve tool, and NB/LoRa IoT heating valve management tool for the heating charging department.



Technical features


Through NB-IOT (Narrowband Internet of Things) / or LoRa (470HMz-510HMz) communication method, realize long-distance communication, and open/close the heating valve in real time

Upload the pipeline monitoring temperature wirelessly, and adjust the water supply temperature according to the heating temperature

Built-in clock function, which can realize daily purchase of heating, use as you purchase, and timer switch

Equipped with a high-definition LCD screen to display temperature information and switch valve status information



Small-diameter smart wireless heating valve  


Small-diameter smart wireless heating valve



Parameter description

Model Description: LX

Nominal diameter: 20mm, 25mm

Body material: PPO material, or copper

Temperature environment: suitable for water temperature less than 95°C

Power supply: built-in 3.6V high-performance car battery

Switch valve display: high-definition LCD screen

Switch valve time: about 10 seconds

Dimensions: 120.5mm*84.5mm*115mm (L*W*H)

Communication method: wireless remote communication

Frequency range: 470MHz-510MHz

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