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Jingda's domestic market is distributed in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. It has supplied water to more than 500 companies across the country including: Beijing Water Group, Shanghai Urban Investment Water Group, Guangzhou Water Company, Shenzhen Water Group, Hebei Construction Water Group, Shaanxi Water Group, etc. Corporate Services. Based on the concept of "service without service is the best service", Jingda Company has set up full-time after-sales service offices in various provinces and regions across the country to ensure that Jingda products can be used and operated throughout the country without any worries! In the international market, Jingda products have passed the Malaysian national quality international water meter standard ISO4064 test and the European Union EU certification. They have been exported to Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Turkey and other countries, and the product quality has been recognized by foreign users. If you have any more questions, please click ➞



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