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Small water meter, great wisdom, Jingda love water meter helps community precise service

2023-08-29 | Blog

Smart old-age care is a process of co-creation and co-construction by the whole society. It is necessary to use the advancement of science and technology to combine traditional old-age care and skill-based old-age care, and to use information technology to better serve the elderly. Caring for the elderly is also the foundation of social development and civilized progress. important manifestation.

Jingda love water meter helps community precise service


In 2020, Shanghai will install smart water meters that "alarm" to some elderly people living alone. If the water meter reading is lower than 0.01 cubic meters within 12 hours, it will automatically alarm. After receiving the alarm information, the community workers will come to understand the situation. The use of smart water meters has been hotly discussed and praised by netizens across the country for a while.


Similarly, there are many elderly people, many old communities, and serious problems of aging water meters in the Shamalebak Lane community in Urumqi, Xinjiang. In order to facilitate the life of residents, in June 2020, China Telecom Urumqi Branch invested in the free installation of smart water meters and love water meters for more than 200 households in the jurisdiction, including elderly people living alone and residents living in difficulties. After installing a smart water meter, residents can pay water bills through their mobile phones, which is very convenient and worry-free. This water meter is a love water meter customized and developed by Jingda Company.

Jingda love water meter helps community precise service


This smart water meter adopts full electronic display, the measurement accuracy is level 2, Q3/Q1=100, and the pressure level is MAP10. The water consumption data is uploaded to the background every 5 minutes. Through the background digital comparison, the water consumption can be monitored in real time, and it can be analyzed whether the water consumption in the user’s home is normal. If there is abnormal water consumption, the platform will issue a water warning. For abnormal water consumption, contact residents and family members in time, and timely discover water leakage, aging and leakage of pipe network, etc., which increases the safety guarantee for community management. At the same time, when the water consumption of elderly families is zero for a long time or there is a sudden large water consumption, the community workers will contact the children and family members of the elderly as soon as possible, truly realizing humanistic care such as caring for the elderly and ensuring safety. For example, high and low water consumption indicates that the water consumption in the residents' homes is normal. If the water consumption graph is flat and the water is used 24 hours a day, it means that the water consumption is abnormal, and water leakage is likely to occur in the residents' homes.

Jingda love water meter helps community precise service


Since the installation of love water meters, we have found many cases of water leakage in residents’ homes through background data comparison, and notified community personnel to assist residents in repairing leaking pipelines. We have also found many cases of 0 water consumption in elderly households and notified their children for care and consultation. It has truly realized A small water meter has great wisdom, and the caring water meter helps the community to provide precise services, which has been well received by residents!

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